Friday, May 11, 2012

The Whole Package

Mabz was on a budget for her friend's birthday, since she was invited to four birthday parties this month! She chose the cutest little pink and blue polka dot cosmetic bag and filled it with a matching manicure kit and two coordinating nail polishes. The birthday girl is sure to love it! Then, she wrapped it like we always do:

  • She chose a gift bag from our stash. Some are from gifts we have received. This one was a shopping bag from Bare Escentuals.
  • She covered the logos on the front and back with striped cardstock from her art supplies made it into a sticker with her Xyron sticker maker. (I usually just gluestick it on- the refills for that little gadget aren't cheap!)
  • She found pink and blue polka dot tissue paper, also from our stash of recycled wrappings. Unbelievable that it matched the gift so perfectly!
  • She made a card and envelope from coordinating cardstock.
Another inexpensive alternative is the selection of cheerful gift bags offered at Dollar Tree for- you guessed it- $1 each. They also have helium-inflated balloons. And their greeting cards are two for $1, but I still like the homemade ones best!

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