Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilt Challenge!

I picked up my "quilt challenge" packet at Sew Biz this week. You can read a little about the challenge here. The quilts will be displayed and judged at the New River Valley Fair in July. 

Northcott Fabrics provided four fat quarters and Sew Biz added 6" bee-theme strip (the fair mascot, apparently, is a bee).

The rules are basically these:
  1. Must use 50% of provided fabric. May add as many other fabrics as desired. I'm not sure whether that means 50% total or 50% of each.
  2. Size: Between 24"x24" and 30"x30".
  3. Wrong side of fabric may be used, but over-dying is not allowed.
I'm fuzzy on whether the bee fabric is included in the challenge or whether it was just pretty packaging. But I like it and will probably work it in.

What makes this a challenge appears to be that the red poppy floral is from the same line, but a different color-way! Good luck with that red, right? I have a few ideas, but none too compelling yet...

My 13-year-old wonders how I'm planning to finish a two-foot-square quilt by July when I still haven't finished her baby quilt! I guess that's another challenge altogether.

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