Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Minute Table Runners

We made these fun and fast "Ten Minute Table Runners" at our quilt guild meeting Tuesday night! 
Pictured here (left to right) are Janice, Kay, Judy, Gisela, Karin, Christina, me, Sandy (who taught us the technique) and Kate, with our runners on the table in front of us. Two of the runners pictured weren't quite finished due to a back-up at the ironing boards, but I'm counting it as nine finishes! I think we had more, but they must've slipped out the door before picture time.

Get free instructions here from Sweet Home Quilt Company or here at RGA Design Quilts (this one includes a "Twelve Minute Gift Wrap Bag). 

While it took us a little over an hour to nearly complete these nine runners with six sewing machines, including instruction time, chatting, waiting for irons, chatting, ironing, chatting, posing for pictures, and chatting...oh, and a bit of seam ripping from sewing a seam wrong (OK, maybe that was just me)... I believe that now I could actually make one of these in somewhere close to ten minutes (maybe fifteen)! They would be great for decorating holiday tables at a group banquet or pot-luck dinner. You could even give the centerpieces away as door prizes!

Here's a close-up of mine, completed last night with embellishments from my button jar. Kate cleverly plans to applique on the triangle ends of hers. Tassels could also be sewn onto the points.  

Any project completed within 24 hours counts as a success in my book!

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