Monday, September 10, 2012


Yesterday was a perfect day to enjoy the NRV SkyFest Airshow! There were planes- doing things you never knew planes could do, against the most beautiful blue sky dotted with just the right amount of white cotton-ball clouds. (Contrary to everyone's expectations, some of my photos actually ended up having planes in them. I have trouble getting good images of things sitting still on the ground, so...)

This one landed on a pick-up truck (following a skit about a bunch of country bumpkins from Alabama...).

And, of course, there were sky-divers.

But the most incredible and unique performer by far was Jane Wicker, this beautiful (crazy) lady who walks on airplane wings without safety lines! Yes, that plane is upside down. She started out on the top wing when it was right-side-up. She also hangs upside-down when the plane is right-side-up. Unbelievable. Click here for a YouTube video from another airshow.

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Oh, and the kettle corn was delicious- just the right combination of salty and sweet!

How was your weekend?

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