Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Link-Up

In response to Amy's request for Labor Day (birth) stories, here's the abbreviated version of mine. I'm linking it up to Amy's Finer Things.

11 PM April 8, 1999: I've just fallen asleep when I wake up thinking I've wet the bed.

11:30 PM: I figure out that my water has broken. The next half-hour is spent explaining to my husband that this means the baby will have to be born within the next 24 hours. 

MIDNIGHT: Call hospital, pack bag, struggle to tie shoes, go to birthing center. We both forget to bring the bag...

1:30 AM: Arrive at birthing center- no labor yet. The nurse says my Doc will induce labor when he comes in at 8 AM. So I send my husband home to get some rest (so I can get some...)

SOMETIME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT:  I wake up with contractions. I don't tell the nurse because I do better alone. I watch old TV shows like Gilligan's Island and Andy Griffith.

5 AM: The pain gets worse, but I figure I've got a long way to go. No use complaining, right?

7 AM: The nurse says the baby is not happy that I'm standing up, rocking back and forth. She also mentions that I'm not looking too well. Am I feeling OK? Then she tells that they've been monitoring the baby, but didn't even know I was having contractions because my monitor wasn't working properly. They'd have thought I would've let them know... Dr. M. has arrived, but was going out for a biscuit and some coffee. She thinks he should check me out before he goes.

7:15 AM: Dr. M. advises me to call my husband and tell him to get his *&%  to the hospital if he doesn't want to miss his baby's birth!

7:35 AM: Daddy-to-be arrives, with the bag (and camera), I push a few times and...

8:12 AM: Out comes my beautiful, though small (18.5", 4 lbs 8 oz) baby girl- perfectly healthy, with a purple cone-head from being born sunny-side-up!

The rest is history. She's now a fabulous 13-year-old eighth-grader. 

Thanks for asking, Amy! 

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