Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sewing Room Sunday: Magic-Fit for Pants

Since I haven't been sewing this week, I thought I'd show you something fun I picked up recently while thrifting:

One thing I really hate is that my favorite shop to scrounge around in for sewing stuff writes the price right on the front of vintage paper items with a Sharpie! Anyway, something called Magic-Fit Master Pattern for Pants has to be worth $2.50, right?

Here's what's inside the envelope: 

pattern pieces for pants of various sizes, instructions, and what I would call a crotch curve (with instruction diagrams printed on it). Apparently, one side is for the front crotch and the other is for the back. Now, that seems like a really useful thing to have around...

I always need some type of adjustment in that area, but have never been able to really figure it out. Maybe this little gadget will help! I already have this hip/armhole curve ruler (below) in my sewing room, which I have used for several garments and other projects. I can't wait to try the crotch curve- but I think it would be great if it was transparent. 

Almost as cool as the crotch curve is this:

It appears to be a template for marking bust darts according to your cup size, which obviously has nothing to do with pants, but was also in the package. How many times have I traced a dart from an old pattern piece? It's so hard to do it accurately. I am so excited about this little bonus!

This kit was copyrighted in 1974, but then fitting pants has been an age-old problem, hasn't it? Perfecting a pair of wool, pleat-front, side-zip pants is on my project list for this winter. In fact, it has been on the list for years. Last year, I even purchased the fabric, pattern, zipper, waistband interfacing, lining- the whole kit'n'kaboodle. I guess has procrastination paid off this time and allowed me a new tool to work with.

I'd love to be posting a pair of pants for you within a few months! Or a few years...

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