Friday, September 7, 2012

Frugal Friday: Baggie Challenge

I already admitted that I wash and reuse my zip-top sandwich baggies (read about it HERE). I just feel like many of our so-called "disposable" goods are actually reusable! We bought a new box of 200 on grocery day, which happens to be just a few days into the new school year. Take note that these aren't your fancy-schmancy, expensive brand-name baggies- just Great Value from Walmart.

Now I've challenged my family to make them last the entire school year!

I also found that between the new gallon-size bags left in our box and a few slightly used ones, we have a full box of 40.  That should do us for nine months, as well. So let's see if my family can make it work...

Whether for financial or environmental motives (or some combination of the two), I challenge you to do the same! At the end of May, I'll let you how it went... and I'll want to know how it worked for you!

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