Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend in Williamsburg

We had a great time in Williamsburg this weekend.

It's tradition for Madeline to have her picture taken with this big bear in the Scotland Shoppe on Duke of Gloucester Street every time we visit! We have them from when she was tiny.

They have a fabulous farmer's market on Saturdays. I grew up in peanut farming territory, but somehow had never managed to see an uprooted peanut plant! This peanut vendor from Surry had one on display. It's sort of hanging upside down- the peanuts grow underground, as the roots. One of the owners said that she gives out little seed peanuts to children when it's time to plant, and they come back to tell her they have a peanut plant growing at home. I think that is so sweet and fun.

They also grow cotton.

The perfect end to a perfect Saturday was watching to sunset over the James River.

I promise to get back to relevant blogging next week. I've just been having too much fun to let my summer end just yet!

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