Monday, September 17, 2012

Sewing Room Monday: Productivity

I'm proud to announce that I not only accomplished what I'd planned to last night sewing-wise, but I exceeded everyone's expectations- even my own (which admittedly weren't all that high...)

I mended the sock, fixed the sweater picks and hemmed the pants.

Then I:

  • ironed a pair of Mabzie's capris  that might've been lying around for about two weeks
  • repaired a seam on one of our traveling suitbags (ripped in July)
  • sewed a button on an American Girl sweater (Lord knows how long it waited in the pile)
  • appliqued a fabric heart on an AG t-shirt to cover where another fell off (waited with the sweater)
  • sewed a flannel backing onto part of an old ironing board cover to make an extra pressing surface
  • worked on the travel iron caddy/pressing pad I started at camp in July
  • finished a sewing apron I started a couple of weeks ago (pictured below, the writing is backwards because since it was a mirror shot- I didn't sew it wrong)
So, I guess I showed them... (and surprised myself)!

Fast & Easy Fat Quarter Apron
The tutorial for this apron is in this previous post.  The decorative stitching which divides the pocket really made a difference on this one, don't you think? 

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