Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sewing Room Sunday: New River Valley Fair Quilt Challenge Update

A lot creative quilts made from this packet of challenge fabric, which I posted about back in May, will be on display next week (starting tomorrow) at the New River Valley Fair.


I didn't make any of them. I guess you could say that life got in my way. If you know me, you're not at all surprised. I am a little disappointed in my own lack of follow-through, since I have always wanted to do a challenge like this. However, I'd have to admit now, after seeing Sew Biz's photo album of the quilts (click on the first photo to view full size, then click through all 14), that I was not nearly as inspired as the quilters whose work is on display at the fair! But I did have one unique idea (maybe I'll still do it, just to see!)- a window made of the green and turquoise fabrics, with the red poppies showing through each pane and curtains on each side made of the striped fat quarter. Envisioning it, though, I don't think it would've been as pretty as what some of the other quilters did. Another idea I had involved cutting out some of the poppies and fusing them to another piece of fabric from my stash to use as a border... well, you can probably see why I didn't do that one!

I'll say this for myself though: I enjoyed what I did instead (see vacation posts here and here). As far as the whole month of June, I really couldn't tell you where that went. The summer is just flying by!

Getting ready for Quilt Camp

I'll post later in the week as I pack up to head over to Selu Conservancy in Radford for Sew Biz Quilt Camp (our seventh) on Thursday. Two full days and two half days of fun, friends, food and quilting (too bad there's no synonym starting with "f" to use here for alliteration...)! Here's a picture of some of us at last year's camp:

Camelia, Laura, me in the middle, Mary Ellen, and Judy

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