Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Skunk Sighting!

This week, we saw a mommy skunk crossing the front yard next door with two adorable babies following behind. Now, I'm not a big fan of skunks for obvious reasons, but they do look just like little kitty cats!

Right outside our back door!

Tonight, one of the babies ventured into our backyard all alone. Cute as could be, I'll admit, but just a little too close for comfort. Steve tried to shoo him away (from a distance, of course), but he just mosied over to hide under the thick bushes near my sewing cottage. Online sources say that baby skunks can spray, so now, when I go out there after dark tonight to sew, I risk getting sprayed! Great...

Just last night, I startled a raccoon out there. Did you ever hear a raccoon bark? I swear that 'coon was barking as it ran away and up a tree. Yes, I'm sure it was a raccoon. And yes, I'm sure it was barking! Check out this YouTube video of a barking raccoon. (I just had to look it up...)

So wish me luck tonight. I'll let you know if I'm bathing in tomato juice tomorrow. Does anyone think that really works?

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