Monday, July 30, 2012

Back From Quilt Camp- Tumbling Blocks Pieced!

My tumbling blocks (pattern from a book by Marci Baker) from Quilt Camp 2010 came home pinned to this board, and went to this year's camp still pinned there:

I had all but given up on them because I was told that the only way to assemble them was to lay the entire batch out on a board, bed, floor, etc. and take them to the sewing machine to piece together in that exact order! What???? I don't think so. So for two years, I have run this process through my mind looking for the always-possible-but-never-easy-to-figure-out shortcut. Well, it looks like I finally figured it out, and my Random Tumbling Blocks came home looking like this:

This exercise just proves to me once again that randomness is nothing to fear! I like the way it turned out. Because there were only five block colors, the orange and yellow ended up together a bit too often for my taste, but I think that would've been a problem even with excessive (or obsessive) planning. Now all it needs is borders!

Laura finished hers a few months ago- it's king-size! I love her color-way. Of the finished ones I've seen so far, I like hers best. Most of us saw translated the tumbling blocks into a kid's quilt, but she brought it very successfully into the adult realm.

This year's quilt project was 10 Minute Quilt Blocks by Suzanne McNeill (click here to see a YouTube video of the technique. I didn't do one for two reasons: a) I'm on a mission to finish up UFO's and b) I was still working on 2010's project!

It was fun to see how different they all looked. Everyone who participated took home a finished top, ready to quilt.

Kathy's (from a pink jellyroll)
Lou's (from a layer cake) 
Laura's (from a layer cake)
Mary Ellen's (from her own fabric and a similar pattern)
Sandy's (from a jellyroll)
There's lots more to say about camp, but this is all I have time for right now! I'll hope to show you the completed tumbling blocks quilt very soon.

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