Monday, June 18, 2012

More Bird Bottle Babies!

I wrote back in April about my bird bottles and the families that live in them. Early this month, I told you I was hoping for a second batch of baby bluebirds, since the same bluebird couple (read more about Eastern Bluebirds here) had nested in another of our bottles. This weekend we discovered three baby birdies in the new nest! I'm hopeful that I can get you a picture, but they don't stay in the nest very long- just a few days.  I was able to get a shot of their former nest, though, when we cleaned out the bottle. Most small birds won't refurbish old nests. So if you want a new bird, or even the same bird, to nest in it again, you have to clean it out. Too bad they don't reuse the nests after all that hard work! The intricacy of their nest-building always takes my breath away! I can't help wondering how they get it started- with just one beak and two tiny feet to work with... I mean, look at that delicate weaving!  

Also, cardinals are nesting in a burning bush next to my sewing cottage. They lay the most beuatiful tan eggs with brown speckles! Last year a series of rainstorms destroyed their nest, so I'm crossing my fingers for baby cardinal this year!

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