Friday, December 14, 2012

My Favorite Part of Christmas

is decorating the tree! Our family has an eclectic collection of ornaments which always makes me smile. A few of my favorites we've hung so far include:

Old King Cole has been with me since the 60's. His paper eyes fell off, and are now painted on with a Sharpie!
A gift from my college years, painted on a real sand dollar, dated 1983.
I sent in some Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheet labels to get this one, dated 1986. It's a reminder of our "just-starting-out-and-couldn't-afford-ornaments" years.
My Mom gave me this one when I was pregnant- Christmas 1998.

Thanks to whichever Montessori pre-school teacher came up with this idea!

And hats off to me for having Madeline scribble her name and age on the back!  I loved how. when she ran out of room for her name, she jumped up above to continue writing. Soon after, she stopped making backward 4's. I'm so glad I captured that moment in her development.

The Bon Voyage champagne cork from our cruise this summer... 
Decorating the tree is such a trip down memory lane! What's your favorite Christmas tradition? 

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