Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Wine Stopper Makeover

I've have this wine bottle stopper for years. I use it all the time, but never thought it looked quite right. The image of a rural European, thatched-roof cottage wasn't complemented at all by the unfinished wood.

As I was retouching some scuffs on my kitchen cabinets, the solution came to me in the form of a Minwax Wood Finish Mahogany Stain Marker  (Google Affiliate Ad). I could've gotten a can of stain from my husband's cabinet and rubbed it on with a rag, but you know I would've made a mess! Plus, I've learned that if I don't act right away, the project just gets put on The List. And The List is really long! And the stain marker was right there in my hand...

Huge improvement- two minutes max and simple as pie. I love it now! Must drink more wine...

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