Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Favorite Squirrel

You already know we name our wildlife visitors when we can. But, although squirrels are very cute and fun to watch, they usually all look alike. We have regular gray squirrels in the front yard, while the larger, fluffier brownish fox squirrels hang out in the backyard.

White Nose has been with us a few years. I guess you can see how he got his name! The first time I saw him, I thought he had gotten into some white paint!

It's fortunate (and probably not a coincidence) that we have lots of squirrel families here, since we have more than our fair share of nut-producing trees including oak, walnut and hickory. The squirrels use tree stumps as little dining tables to crack and eat their nuts. And they stay busy all day burying and transporting them in preparation for winter.

We have had two other named squirrels in our 16 years here. Short Tail (also named for her physical uniqueness) would come up the tree right next to our patio to ask for bread. Fall Down Squirrel would just topple over and roll around on the ground a lot. We're not sure whether there was something wrong with him or he was just an entertainer, but he was only here for one year.

Thanks for all your help clearing away our nuts, White Nose and friends. You are definitely welcome here!

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