Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet Milburn & His Medicine

Milburn came to us as a scraggly stray in the summer of 2006, so he's not much of an inside cat when the weather gets warm. And since we are surrounded by a wooded area, he is troubled by deer ticks (which I recently learned don't have a "season"- they're around all year long!). I used to take him to the vet for prescription Frontline. I can't remember the exact cost - just that it was astronomical! Browsing around one day a couple of years ago, I found Sentry PurrScriptions Plus (pictured above) at Tractor Supply ($14.99 for 3 monthly treatments). There's the purple box for cats over 5 pounds and another color for under 5 pounds. For reference in this post, I called Milby's vet to check the current price.  They now offer a generic flea/tick medication which is less expensive than Frontline, but still $10 per monthly application. So, I'm saving 50% and Milby's tick free and happy.  How do I know it works? Whenever I slip up and go too long between treatments, he gets ticks!

NOTE: I hear a lot about 1-800-petmeds, so I checked there and couldn't find a better price on any of their products (they don't represent this brand). I am sure there are other good ones out there - look around and see what you can find!  

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