Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can Peeps Drive?

I saw the idea for these adorable race-car Peeps at Everything Holiday on Facebook.  (I really wanted to direct you to their actual photo, which was way cuter than mine, and instructions, which were way better than mine, but I can't find it again!) 

All you do is cut a slot (a serrated knife works best) in the Twinkie-style snack cake for the bunny Peep and pretzel-twist steering wheel. Glue them in with a dab of icing and stick on marshmallow halves for wheels. These little guys are going to school for Madeline and her friends to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. One "Twinkie", 2 marshmallows, a Peep and a pretzel per eight grader = 12 students falling asleep after lunch!

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