Friday, February 22, 2013

Wish All Your Books Were Spiral-Bound?

I love how spiral-bound cookbooks lie open flat so you're not always losing your place just when your hands are all sticky! Don't you? I also hate how the paperback bindings come unglued and the pages start falling out all over the place. Everybody hates that! Wish all your books were spirals? Well, they can be! 

My favorite local printer charges about $2.50 for spiral binding a paperback book (up to two inches thick), including a transparent plastic overlay to keep the front cover clean and crisp. You can also get it done at Kinko's and most office supply stores.

And it's not just for cookbooks!  Think about reference books, instruction  manuals, craft and hobby books - anything that needs to stay open to a particular page. Madeline finds it helpful when her music books start falling apart, or when they refuse to stay open on the piano rack.

Now, go gather up a stack of books and try a few for yourself!


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