Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday at my House

This passage from Jason Gay's Super Bowl Party: 22 More Rules in the WSJ was read aloud at our breakfast table Thursday morning:

"Let's not pretend you are going to blow off the Super Bowl. Every year there are some lying liar-liars who claim to be uninterested in the game and planning on going to the gym or painting pottery or reciting Chaucer by a whale oil lamp, but this is the Great American TV Ritual, and it cannot be resisted. Don't try to be above it all. You are eating greasy food with your greasy fingers and sitting in front of the television for four hours and you will like it. Or else."

Steve's Question: Who's playing in the Super Bowl this year?

My Answer (which is actually another question): Two football teams?

Jason, we really don't watch it. Never have (even when we had cable). Never will. There's probably a better chance we'll read Chaucer by whale oil lamp. What I do love about the Super Bowl is that all the papers and magazines print great snack recipes!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to everyone who does enjoy it! Feel free to comment if you think we're weird for not watching sports on TV.

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