Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twisted Priorities?

I said when I started this blog that it was important to me to keep everything on a positive note- no politics, no complaining, no criticism (unless constructive, of course-  which would give me room to criticize just a little...). I've done pretty well so far, but now something is really bothering me.

The Wall Street Journal and other papers have been recently reporting that more children have been left to die in hot cars this year than ever before. Sad? Yes. Devastating? Yes. But there's something even sadder, in my opinion, which may not result in the death of your child, but still has dire consequences. It's the tip one article suggested for making certain that this tragedy never happens to you- that you never get in your car after work to discover your baby has died from heat, that you never have to face your spouse with this news, that you never have to face life knowing that your precious baby is dead because of your negligence (yes, I had to use the word negligence).

Here's the tip: Place your purse, briefcase, laptop or other important item you'll need for the day in the backseat with your child so that you'll be certain to check there before you exit the car!

Please tell me there's not a parent out there who's more likely to forget their child than their laptop! 

Our children are our most valuable assets. Please protect and cherish them accordingly. Thanks for listening!


  1. Finally, someone that says what I've been thinking. Your child should be your highest priority no matter what. I don't care how busy we get.
    Sandy Miller

  2. Karen, I felt exactly the same way when I heard that piece of advice!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  3. That just makes your stomach sick to think about. I guess I hope busy people do remember that tip just in case it should help them but it is sickening to think that they would need that tip!

  4. Mary Ellen, Sandy & Abbi: Thanks for your comments. My guess is that you are the Moms who might put your kid next to your purse so you'd remember to grab it, instead of the other way around. Your kids are lucky! Please visit my blog again soon. I like having people like you around!


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